LedsC4 Stylus Recessed 600mm 00-A018-05-05 Pendant for indoor use. For downlighting. Structure material: Aluminium. Structure finish: Black. Diffuser material: Polycarbonate. Diffuser finish: Transparent. Warranty: 5 Years. Product net weight (Kg): 0.83 Product width or diameter (mm): 97 Product height (mm): Max 1930 Ø of the hole for recessing (mm): 65 Class 2. IP: IP20. LED. No. of lampholders or LEDs: 1. Driver brand: HEP. Maximum power of light source: 7.7W. Colour temperature: 3000K. Colour rendering index: 90. MacAdam Steps: 3. Hours of life: 50.000h L80B20. UGR: 24.7. Photobiological risk: RG1. % de Flickering: <5%. Real flux (lm): 412. Nominal flux (lm): 745. Real lm/W: 42. Voltage / frequency range: 220-240/50-60Hz. Voltage: 15. Equipment included: Yes. Total power: 9.7. Power factor: 0.90. Dimmable equipment included: ON-OFF.


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