LEDS C4 – Officially

The website and online store leds-c4-ukraine.com is a joint project of LEDS C4 and Complex-V companies. Our goal is to create a convenient tool for all customers of LEDS C4 products – both for dealers and for end users.

Complex-V is the only authorized supplier and general partner of the LEDS C4 factory in Ukraine.

So why should I care?


All prices are agreed with the factory and are unchanged at the whim of the dealer


Warranty terms are unconditionally obligatory for execution


Delivery of goods in the approved time, regardless of the order volume


Unconditional possibility of additional ordering of products after a long time


Possibility of deferred payment due to credit line from the manufacturer


Quality support and consultation of clients on any issues

Quite logical questions:

Why buy from us?

We did our best to give the clearest and most capacious answer to this question in the previous section, but additionally, we are here to stay. The manufacturer is tired of having a huge number of dealers in Ukraine that sell god knows what at unclear prices, providing no decent support to clients.

All points out that in the near future the number of dealers will decrease and the bigger share of orders will be imported by our means.

We want the prices to be stable and transparent, the supplies regular, and the customers satisfied, receiving the necessary and quality support.

Why are you more expensive?

As we wrote above, we import products solely legally. In the market of lighting equipment, as well as in many other areas in Ukraine, many pursue a momentary benefit, not thinking in a long-term perspective. It may be cheaper to ship the products illegally, but in the long term, the customer loses, because there is no unconditional warranty support, while the dealer can stop dealing with LEDS C4 products or seize to exist in general.

I am a lighting equipment dealer. Why should I work with you if I can import LEDS C4 myself?

Because we're cool :)

Seriously, in the first place it is convenient. You do not need to waste time on logistics, claims, purchase of catalogs and promotional products, understanding what product is popular and what's not.

We will do all this for you and instead of you.

We will tell what innovations have were produced that are relevant for our market.

We will help with tricky questions from customers.

We will get additional discounts for the most loyal dealers and the best payment terms.

And much-much more.

About partner companies:


LEDS C4 is an international company that specializes in design and manufacturing of lighting solutions which can be implemented in any project type worldwide.

LEDS C4 has more than 40 years of experience in innovation and delivering of excellent lighting equipment both service- and qualitywise.

LEDS C4 focuses on functionality, practicality and efficiency. It is a part of daily routine to respond, interact and react. With the support of a team of over 330 professionals, clients and projects are reached in over 140 countries worldwide. All this is possible due to a wide range of products and a responsible and dedicated service.


Complex-V is a developer and executor of complex engineering solutions in the field of light and sound, of any level of complexity.

Complex-V has over 20 years of experience in implementing projects in all areas of lighting:

Lighting in the interior: apartments and private houses; commercial real estate – offices, shops, shopping and entertainment centers; interior in the fields of education and healthcare.

Exterior lighting of roads, highways, home adjacent areas, open city spaces, parking lots, parks, squares.

Lighting of stadiums, multifunctional sports complexes, indoor sports complexes, outdoor sports grounds.

Architectural lighting of facades of buildings and structures, monuments of architecture and cultural heritage.