The National Art Museum of Ukraine

In 2016 architectural lighting project for the National Art Museum of Ukraine was complete. To get the job done LED lighting equipment was used that provided different color temperature and optical power. LEDS C4 TRON was used for the accent lighting and the background with changing colors (RGB) while MHL-spotlights (LEDS C4 CUBE) were used for filling lighting.

Cold white light accentuates the architectural elements of the facade (friezes, pediments, columns, chimeras and Apollo, lions at the entrance to the museum), which allowed to highlight sculptural compositions that showcases work of architectural art and embraces the historical value of the structure.

RGB lighting was used for the columns to visually highlight the portico as a separate architectural element.

You can see this project yourself by visiting the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, ul. Grushevsky 6.


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