AVE PLAZA Shopping Mall

Shop-window lighting has a direct impact on store performance. Such factors as attractiveness, quantity, quality of light, position and targeting will directly affect the performance of the main functions of the shop window, one of the main features to draw visitor's attention to the shopping mall. While implementing this object, all the lighting indicators were spotted to achieve the optimal balance of lighting and its functionality.

To solve the technical task, two types of Leds C4 luminaires were selected: with directional and floodlight optical systems. The combination of two systems allowed us to achieve the highest illumination performance, based on the results of the lighting calculation, which provides demonstration of the normalized lighting parameters. All this is possible thanks to the construction of an accurate 3D model.

The usage of track lights is also due to the ability for changing number of light points, their location, or adjust the angle of their beam, thereby adapting the light to changes in the composition of the storefront.


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